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SMS authentication as extra security

SMS authentication as extra security

Due to increasing technological developments, hackers are becoming more innovative in cracking digital data. Using only a username and password is often insufficient to ensure security.

Research shows that 90% of all passwords are easily hacked. The use of inadequate passwords leads to a worldwide loss of billions of euros, especially in the financial world.

SMS is often used as an additional security measure. This is also called a “two-factor authentication” (2FA). This means that after entering a username and password, an SMS will be received with a verification code that can then be used to log in. This provides an additional security step and reduces chances of being hacked. The possibility of being hacked has decreased and sharing important data and documents online can be done with less risk.

Spryng provides specific ‘One Time Password’ SMS routes for 2FA traffic. These are secure routes and guarantee that messages will be delivered within a matter of seconds.

As Spryng is implemented in all major authentication systems by default, you can directly use this service. Spryng facilitates this service for various banks, hospitals, municipalities and governments.

Are you interested? Please contact our SMS specialists at +31(0) 20 770 3005 or send an e-mail to Spryng’s SMS Gateway is available for a free trial, no strings attached! Our team is available 24/7!

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