NEN 7510

The only SMS provider certified with ISO 27001 and NEN 7510.

We guarantee that your medical information is handled with the greatest care.

Wish to send SMS? Spryng values security above all other matters

As an SMS provider with our roots in the health care sector, we know how to handle information
security and we do so according to the highest security standards. We maintain these standards for all health care organisations. This is why Spryng has been certified, in the field of information security in healthcare, with NEN 7510: 2017; a derivative of ISO 27001. Spryng is the only SMS provider in the Netherlands with both certifications and is therefore leading in information security.
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Ensure safety


These healthcare institutions opt to send SMS with a secure and reliable partner by choosing Spryng. With our highly protected SMS gateway, Spryng really is the most logical choice.

“Spryng delivers SMS to businesses to make processes more efficient and to simplify internal and external communication.”

ABN AMRO sends SMS via Spryng

The confirmation code for the registration is: 708111. This code is only valid for 15 minutes. Yours sincerely, ABN AMRO

“We experience the SMS service as fantastic, reliable, very customer-friendly and always available.”

KLM sends SMS via Spryng

Your flight with flight number KL2016010 has been delayed with 15 minutes and leaves at 15.00 hours from Gate 2C.