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Simple implementation and many connections. Allowing to send SMS easily without technical knowledge.


Always opened quickly

The attention value of SMS is almost 5 times higher than e-mail. 98% of all SMS are read within 5 minutes.

SMS Notifications

Know who you are communicating with

Secure your software against unauthorized access with an SMS for 2FA or OTP.

SMS Authentication

Reach everyone at once

With only 1 REST API, we send millions of SMS messages worldwide daily.

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Linking with our SMS Gateway is simple. Due to the simple integration with existing software packages and systems, you can immediately start sending SMS messages.

$spryng = new \Spryng\Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY'); $message = new \Spryng\Objects\Message(); $message->originator = 'Spryng'; $message->recipients = [31612345678]; $message->body = 'This is a test message.'; $Spryng->messages->create($message); const spryng = new Spryng(YOUR_API_KEY) const message = await spryng.message.send({ encoding: 'auto', body: 'Test message', route: 'business', originator: 'Example Company', recipients: ['31612345678', '31687654321'], reference: 'ABC123' })

Spryng is standard linked to more than 50+ systems.

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Sending SMS worldwide is easy. Link SMS to your customer journey and start today!

Help with implementation

We provide most implementations free of charge. Our team is happy to help you.

100+ integrations

Our Plug & Play extensions integrate with the systems you are already using.

Highest security standard

We are ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified, the only SMS provider in Europe with both certifications.

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  • No start-up or hidden costs

  • Create an account and get free test credits

  • You can buy from as little as 100 SMS

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The more you send, the lower the price. Would you like to receive the exact price for your SMS traffic? Receive non-binding information and, if you wish, a competitive, personal price proposal. Plus, when you purchase just 1,000 SMS credits, we’ll plant a tree in your organisation’s name.

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Added value above all.

  • Ultimate service

    We give advice, ask questions, help and listen, 24/7. Working together allows us to deliver great solutions.

  • A deal is a deal

    We promise what we can deliver and then make it happen. No excuses. Ever.

  • Focus on security

    We only work according to the highest standards when it comes to the security and safety of your data and that of your customers.


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