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First-party Data Marketing: SMS and WhatsApp Strategies for Modern Marketers (Including 21 Templates)

First-party Data Marketing: SMS and WhatsApp Strategies for Modern Marketers (Including 21 Templates)

As marketers, we never experience a dull moment. The world around us is changing rapidly, and digital landscapes are evolving constantly as we watch. One of the most notable recent changes is the near-total disappearance of third-party cookies. In 2024, it's clear that marketers will primarily focus on collecting and leveraging first-party data, also known as owned channels, in the coming years. In this blog, we'll explain what this means and the role messaging channels like WhatsApp and SMS can play.

The Shift to First-party Data for Marketers

In conversations with various CMOs and marketing managers, the topic of strong dependence on paid media often arises, such as paid ads on search engines like Google and social media channels like LinkedIn and Instagram. Increasing costs are putting more pressure on brands regarding their budgets and performance. These challenges mainly stem from the disappearance of third-party cookies, stricter privacy regulations, and the limitation of targeting options. While some may view this development as alarming, it seems to be a clear shift in the market.

What Is Third-party Data Exactly?

Third-party data encompasses extensive datasets available for purchase from external data providers. If your customers are primarily women between the ages of 45 and 65, third-party data provides the opportunity to gain insight into this group, allowing you to serve them even better and target them with ads. Companies can discover how often they dine out, how much they spend on average, and which media they prefer. However, due to privacy legislation, this is becoming increasingly restricted.

Companies must therefore focus more on collecting their own data: first-party data. This way, lead generation is not dependent on such third-party campaigns, and targeted advertising remains affordable.

What Is First-party Data Exactly?

First-party data is data collected directly from your customers. This can be done in various ways, such as through your website, social media channels, or messaging channels like WhatsApp and SMS. Often, all this data is stored in the CRM. With first-party data, you have a valuable treasure trove of information about your target audience, which you can use to personalize and optimize your marketing campaigns. Companies that collect a lot of first-party data are not dependent on third parties like Google to launch personalized and targeted campaigns. This first-party data can also be used for targeted advertising in various ways, such as email marketing, telemarketing, marketing via messaging channels like SMS and WhatsApp, you name it.

How Can Marketers Use SMS and WhatsApp in First-party Data Campaigns?

The least-used first-party data channels by marketers are currently SMS and WhatsApp. This therefore offers plenty of opportunities to pioneer. The number of companies using SMS for marketing purposes via Spryng has almost doubled last year. This indicates how quickly this marketing method is gaining popularity.

SMS campaigns are effective ways to communicate directly with your target audience, but success depends on several crucial factors. Relevance is essential; messages must align with the interests and needs of recipients to avoid being seen as spam. Authenticity is also part of this. Use a personal tone and clearly identifiable senders to build trust.

In addition, providing added value is crucial; discount codes, exclusive access, or helpful reminders increase the chances of a positive response. SMS has a high open rate of an average of 98%. This means that your message is almost always read. However, this also means that the recipient cannot ignore it. Therefore, it's important not to make the recipient feel like you have asked for their attention "for nothing." Relevance is very important.

It's also crucial to integrate SMS campaigns into a broader marketing strategy, seamlessly aligning them with other channels and reinforcing messages communicated elsewhere. By ensuring consistency and disseminating a cohesive message, you increase the chances of success and maximize the impact of your campaign.

SMS Templates for Marketing Campaigns

To help marketers easily test SMS and WhatsApp campaigns, our team has compiled the most successful SMS templates from clients. As the ancient saying goes: "Better well stolen, than poorly thought out!"

Abandoned Cart SMS Template (with discount code and 'scarcity')

Abandoned cart SMS messages perform best when they contain discount codes, but don't use them consistently, as customers will quickly catch on to what's going on. Also, make use of the principle of 'scarcity', one of Cialdini's influence techniques. If you're still undecided about a purchase but know that the stock is running low, you're inclined to make a purchase quickly. In that case, it's not even necessary to use a discount code.

“Hi [Name]. It seems like you've left something behind! Here's a special promo code for you to get 5% off your order! 🤩 Use [Code] at checkout. Please note, the code is valid for only 24 hours.”

“Hi [Name]! There are fewer than 5 items left in stock for one or more products in your cart. If you're ready to complete your order, your cart is waiting for you at 👉 [Link]”

“[Name], we're holding your items in your cart for another 10 minutes. After that, they'll be released for other buyers. Extend your cart or complete your order here: [Link]”

SMS templates for sales alerts

When it comes to sales alerts, it's crucial to not only offer customers a discount but also make them feel like they're receiving this discount because they're considered a 'special customer' or to offer them something unique. Experiment with what works best for your target audience! Also, integrate Cialdini's influence techniques into this process.

“Hey [Name], this is your chance to take advantage of our biggest sale of the year: 25% off the entire winter collection! Because you recently made a purchase with us, you're the first to hear about this discount. Shop via this link:”

“Hello [Name]. Good news - the [Product] you recently liked is now on sale! Get 20% off with the special promo code [Code]. Valid until [Date].”

“⚡ Flash Sale Alert! 40% off on all beauty items, only for the next 2 hours. Shop now at!”

“Hi [Name], we noticed you love L'Occitane skincare products. Have you noticed their latest skincare line? Because you're a regular L'Occitane buyer, you can get all products from the newest line with 25% off using [Code]!”

SMS templates for logistics process and order updates

“Hello [Name], your order is now on its way 📦 Click here to track your order: [Link] or download the PostNL app to track all your packages: [Link]”

“Thank you, [Name], for your order! Once your order with order number [Order Number] is shipped, we'll send you a tracking number. Do you want to stay updated on future sales via WhatsApp or SMS? Sign up here: [Link]”

SMS templates for referral programs

"Thank you for shopping with us, [Name]. We hope you enjoy your purchase! Spread the love! 💜 Refer a friend and you both get €10 off your next purchase. Share this link: [Link]"

SMS templates for pushing to the app

These days, most companies have their own app, which is a smart move with the shift to first-party data. This gives them the opportunity to track users and enrich their own data. However, app adoption lags behind for many companies. That's why SMS is increasingly used to push to the app. It's more challenging to stimulate the adoption from email to the app, and moreover, an SMS is always opened on a mobile phone, making installing an app just one click away.

“Hi [Name]! Your loyalty card is ready in the revamped JUMBO app. This month, you can save for: 1+1 Ticket free for the most fun day trips."

“There are new personalized offers waiting for you in the app, based on your purchase behavior. Curious about the offers we've selected for you? Open the Picnic app.”

“Hi [Name]! Did you know you get a whopping 20% off on the entire assortment if you shop with us via the ASOS app this week? Download it here: [Link].”

SMS templates for pushing to email

The rise of first-party data implies that companies are increasingly leveraging their own data. And what's the most used source of first-party data? Exactly, email. Since consumers already deal with crowded inboxes, this situation is only getting worse. This makes email marketing less and less effective. That's why we see SMS being used more and more to strengthen email marketing, especially for very important and time-sensitive messages.

“Hello [Name], this is Menno from Eneco. There's an important message waiting for you in the Eneco portal about the new, more advantageous rates. Don't forget to check it out!"

“Hi [Name]! Based on your favorites in our webshop, we've compiled a shortlist of items from our new summer collection. Curious about which items we've selected for you? Search your email inbox for 'item selection Zalando' or log in to”

WhatsApp templates for marketing campaigns

WhatsApp templates for the digital flyer

Sustaining your flyer distribution by using WhatsApp is smart for several reasons. Firstly, it reduces the ecological footprint as there's no need to print and distribute physical copies. Moreover, recipients can easily save and share the information with others, amplifying the impact of your flyer even further.

“Hi [name]! It's Friday morning, which means the new Kruidvat flyer is ready for you. Top offers this week: all deodorants: 25% off, all shower foams 1+1 free. Read it here:” → Preview photo of the flyer

WhatsApp templates with buttons

“Hello [Name], your order is on its way! Won't you be home at this delivery time? Change your delivery date below or send your package to a nearby pickup point:

[Button: change delivery date] or [Button: send to pickup point]”

“LAST CHANCE: You have [Hours] left until our exclusive [Season] offers expire. Act quickly and save big:

[Button: Shop] or [Button: View your favorite items]”

WhatsApp templates offering visual opportunities

“Hey [Name], we thought you might be interested in the [Product] - it would go perfectly with [Product they've already purchased]. Let us know if you need any help.” [Photo of product]

“We're rolling out the red carpet for you, [Name]! VIPs get early access to our Black Friday sale 😍 Enjoy [%] off the entire site, starting from [Date]. Browse now: [Link].

[Name], you've just reached [Level] of our loyalty program! That means you get an extra [%] off EVERYTHING on the entire site for the next 100 days 🥳 Happy shopping!

Starting with SMS and WhatsApp via Spryng is easy. Register for free and without obligation via this link. You can copy the templates and get started right away! Within 24 hours, you can set up a pilot campaign.

Our experts are also ready to help with installation via chat, email, or phone.

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