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SMS Wholesale

Spryng offers its customers the ability to send bulk SMS worldwide at the most competitive rates and via direct connections.

Your order will be delivered between 09:00 AM and 11:00 PM. You can pay cash or by debit card. Enjoy your purchase!



SMS Wholesale Provider

We are specialists in sending bulk SMS. Reaching more than 900 networks in over 200 countries.

icon-informMonitoring Our SMS platforms, routes and SMS applications are monitored 24/7.

icon-conversationRedundancy Our systems are completely redundant and 100% reliable.

icon-informData centres Our data centres is conform with the ISO 27001 certification.


No start-up costs, no monthly fees. Only pay for what you send, simply via a bank transaction or via Mr. Cash, postpaid or prepaid.

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Prices shown apply to SMS traffic within Belgium.

If it concerns SMS traffic outside Belgium, please contact our sales team for custom pricing advice.

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Easy to integrate

Our SMS Gateway is very easily connected to via Rest API, HTTP(S) SMS API, SMPP, SFTP or via MAIL2SMS.


$spryng = new \spryng\Client('ACCESS_KEY');
$Message = new \spryng\Objects\Message();
$Message-> originator = 'spryng';
$Message-> recipients = array(32419920391);
$Message-> body = 'This is a test message.';
$spryng->messages-> create($Message);