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Tablebooker and Spryng provide optimal ‘service’ to customers and restaurants

Tablebooker and Spryng provide optimal ‘service’ to customers and restaurants

SMS ensures fewer no-shows and greater customer satisfaction

Ask a Belgian about Tablebooker, chances are they will nod affirmatively. Tablebooker is known in the Benelux as the most widely used restaurant booking platform. The majority of the reservations processed by Tablebooker come in through restaurant websites and linked platforms. In combination with the SMS gateway of Spryng Tablebooker ensures full restaurants and satisfied guests. And for the foodies among us it is also the fastest way to your favorite restaurant.

How Tablebooker came to be
Johannes De Ridder, CTO of Tablebooker and one of the founders of the company, saw it ten years ago. There was a great need in the hospitality industry for an efficient booking system. Johannes and his associates got to work and in 2013 Tablebooker was a reality. The goal of Tablebooker: to work more efficiently, leaving more time for the customers and the quality of the dishes.

Less no-shows in restaurants
Meanwhile, more than 3,000 restaurants use Tablebooker’s user-friendly system, from brasseries to starred restaurants. Tablebooker has built a large community by posting photos of each restaurant, the menu and a general review. More than 16 million reservations have been processed through Tablebooker, representing 64 million seats. And already 2 million reviews have been written about the restaurants you can book through the platform. 

That says a lot about Tablebooker’s success. But what about those SMS messages? What does Spryng have to offer Tablebooker that could make it even more successful? The answer is simple: Spryng helps Tablebooker reduce the number of “no-shows” at its member restaurants and increase customer satisfaction. Simply, by deploying SMS as a reminder of the reserved table.

Why SMS?
Tablebooker chose SMS as a means of communication. In practice e-mails often end up in the spam folder. And an e-mail is less conspicuous than a – Ping! – SMS that appears directly on your phone. An SMS message immediately catches the eye and moreover has an open rate of almost 100 percent. No other means of communication can compete with that! So one simple automatically generated SMS helps restaurants fill their tables. And at the same time they help their guests, with a friendly reminder that is appreciated. That is, especially after the tough time around the corona crisis, a welcome extra service. 

The added value of SMS for Tablebooker
That the SMS reminders from Spryng are of great added value for the booking app, agrees Johannes de Ridder from Tablebooker. “The reason we chose Spryng is because we like to work with local integrations and because it is a very reliable service. Since we have been working with Spryng, problems such as SMSs not arriving are a thing of the past.”

Everything for the customer
Providing good service to guests, making the restaurant owner’s life easier and increasing sales through more efficient time management are Tablebooker’s main goals. And that ties in perfectly with Spryng’s goals. We support our customers with:
– A reliable SMS Gateway, stability of the SMS service;
– A personalized approach;
– A high delivery quality of SMS messages;
– A GDPR proof environment. Spryng is ISO27001 certified, a guarantee that the data of our customers – and your customers! – are well protected.

And much more of course. Want to know what? Are you curious whether SMS can also make the life of your restaurant, business or store easier? And that of your customers? Let’s find out together what Spryng can do for your organisation. Call +32 25 88 19 31 or send an email to But of course an SMS will also do. 

Want to know more about Tablebooker? Click here.

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